Arlberg Bike Marathon

The Arlberg Bike Marathon on 24/08/2019 marks the third and final stage of the famous “Arlberg Adler” triathlon!

Bike enthusiasts awaits a tough and challenging race covering a distance of 35.04 kilometres amidst the high-alpine terrain of the Arlberg. In order to reach a respectable result and perhaps even win the race, competitors really need to push their personal limits. But not only the stage victory counts for the participants; above everything else it is the much-desired triumph of the mountain triathlon “Arlberg Adler” that is at the centre of everyone’s attention.

Overcoming this extraordinary challenge including several demanding hills, participants are rewarded with incomparable views over the untouched nature and mountains of the region.

A less demanding alternative

Aside the bike marathon, more laid-back athletes can participate in the Arlberg Bike Classic. Over a course of 19.24 kilometres, the final stage of the “Arlberg Murmel” allows bike enthusiasts to be a part of this phenomenal experience.

Come to the pedestrian zone and cheer on the arriving athletes. Stamina, strength and agility are obligatory to overcome this last “Arlberg Adler” challenge in the form of an unforgettable mountain bike race!