In former times: Lady Di on ski holiday in Lech

Stars have been part of the regular audience in Lech and Zürs for years. From December to April, the representatives of the individual royal families “hold the handle”, so to speak. The biggest hype was about the British Princess Diana every year. When Lady Diana used to visit Lech, paparazzi from all over the world were there to take pictures.

“A few days ago it was that time again. The British princess arrived with her two sons William and Harry as well as some of her best friends in the noble hostel "Arlberg" to recover from the stress of the past months while skiing. Dozens of photographers from all over the world were well informed about the sporting monarch's vacation calendar. Days before the arrival of the noble guests, they occupied the rooms around the princess's domicile in order to have the best view of the Hotel "Arlberg". The arrival of the popular guests who had come by coach from Zurich Airport to the Arlberg took place amid a thunderstorm of flashlights.
Surrounded all the time.”

The entire week of the holiday went on in a similar manner. Every step of the princess was captured on film by the photographers. Hundreds of pictures showing Lady Di and her sons on their way to skiing testify to the media siege. The only place where you could “be among yourself”, so to speak, was the 8-room apartment in the “Arlberg” hotel, to which only the hotel staff and the Schneider family had access. “The hype around Lady Di is getting worse every year. There is not a minute in which a photographer is not lurking somewhere for the princess, ”said hotel manager Johann Schneider, angry about the impertinence of the press during the stay of the noble guests.

Shopping in the sports store "Strolz"

Even the shopping spree in the sports store "Strolz" was not entirely without stress for the princess. The attempt to marvel at the latest ski fashion during the normal opening hours was unsuccessful because hundreds of onlookers were eagerly awaiting the slim princess. Thanks to a “trick”, the shopping spree was still successful. Over lunchtime, the celebrity guests could frolic in the sports store all by themselves and shop in peace. Back to the hotel we went through the staff exit, which even the paparazzi only noticed when Lady Di was already running back to the hotel entrance. Otherwise Diana spent the holidays like every holiday guest on the Arlberg. At 9 o'clock in the morning, private ski instructors from the Lech ski school took them to the slopes, where they trained in parallel turns for hours.

Not only did the princess make good progress on the narrow “boards”, the skiing skills of her two sons are now so advanced that they can switch from the practice slopes to the “normal” slopes.”

Medium: Vorarlberger Nachrichten
Release Date: March 24, 1994
Source: Arlberg Express