The exceptionally beautiful Arlberg region is not only highly popular amongst skiers and hiking aficionados, but does also enjoy a great international reputation as a climbing hotspot.

Nestling in-between phenomenal mountain panoramas and lush alpine pastures, the Arlberg presents itself as a paradise for passionate climbing enthusiasts. Every year from June until October, the high mountain region attracts climbers from around the globe and invites them to put their stamina and agility to the test.

Arlberg Via Ferrata in St. Anton am Arlberg

One of the most demanding fixed-rope routes, the “Arlberger Klettersteig” runs high above St. Anton along a distance of approx. three kilometres towards the summit of the Weissschrofenspitze at 2,752 metres above sea level. It offers plenty of gorgeous views and promises not only one of the most idyllic, but also most challenging high-mountain tours of the entire Alpine region. To complete this demanding route, you need good fitness, proficient climbing abilities and a full via-ferrata kit. Ambitious climbers reach the entry point via the Vallugabahn cable car or the Kapallbahn chairlift. In the case of fatigue, you can abandon the route at several emergency exits that take you back to the valley via safe terrain.

The “Arlberger Klettersteig” offers joy and excitement for climbing enthusiasts from all over the world! Climb all the way up and reward yourself with a sensational panorama view including the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps, the Stubai and Ötztal Alps as well as the Verwall and Silvrette mountain ranges.

Arlberg Winter Via Ferrata in St. Anton am Arlberg

Besides the “Arlberger Klettersteig”, St. Anton am Arlberg also offers a second via ferrata, especially interesting for all ski mountaineers. The Arlberg winter via ferrata is quite demanding and should not be attempted before consulting the current avalanche report. The route runs above 2,700 metres and ends with a ski descent in off-piste terrain. From mid-March to late-April, take the Rendlbahn cable car up to the Rendlalm, descend to the Riffelbahn I terminal and take the chairlift to the Riffelbahn II mountain terminal from where your incomparable high-alpine climbing adventure starts!

Schnanner Klamm and Climbing Garden

Experience a natural spectacle in a class of its own and embark on a hiking tour throughout the narrow gorge Schnanner Klamm. Located to the North of the village Schnann, the gorge is defined by impressive rock faces, thunderous mountain streams and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Over the course of many millennia, the water dug its way throughout the rock and created a natural gem defined by the concentrated elemental forces of mother nature. In recent years, this unique jewel has been made accessible again to hikers.

Follow the path throughout the wild and romantic gorge, listen to the overwhelming roar of the stream and marvel at the wonders of the vertically falling water masses. A visit to the Schnanner Klamm brings you undoubtedly closer to nature and enables you and your family to unwind and relax in most fascinating atmosphere. Aside from hiking throughout the gorge, the Schnanner Klamm also offers visitors to ascend via one of the 42 climbing routes and walls. At heights ranging between five and eight metres above ground, this climbing garden is also suitable for families and beginners. Since all routes are completely secured, it is not necessary to bring your own protection gear.

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7 Climbing Gardens close to Darmstädter Hütte including 58 Routes

Aside from several climbing routes, the holiday region St. Anton am Arlberg has even more to offer to climbing enthusiasts. For instance, the numerous climbing gardens close to the Darmstädter Hütte provide whole families with unique outdoor experiences. In recent times, a climbing area for young and old has been established a mere stone’s throw away from the alpine hut and the nearby Kuchenspitze (3,148 m). It includes seven climbing gardens and a total of 58 routes that leave absolutely nothing to be desired.

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Eastern Faselfadspitze 

Come visit the Easter Faselfadspitze and experience a wide variety of enjoyable climbing opportunities! At its rightmost part, the Eastern Faselfadspitze offers several multi-pitch climbing tours on fine prehistoric rock with a length of up to 150 metres. A multi-pitch route is a climbing tour that requires you to use the full length of your rope more than just once in order to overcome the entire distance of a high rock face. In more recent years, the central part of the wall has been adjusted to enable more proficient climbers to longer alpine routes that partially need to be secured by themselves.   

Starting from the Darmstätterhütte, it takes you approx. 40 minutes to reach the various entry points offering you access to seven different routes. We highly recommend the route “Cowboy meets Küken”, promising a gorgeous view along the mostly compact bedrock ridge. With a total length of 375 metres (eight pitches of rope), this route is the longest. To conquer it, a 50-metre rope, perhaps a set of friends and ten quickdraws are necessary. The route is secured with bolts and can be climbed easily using standard climbing gear.