An over 5,000 year old Indian practice, yoga represents the unification of body and mind. Famous as one of the oldest life philosophies, the teachings of yoga furthermore pursue the goal to guide practitioners towards more self-awareness and help to balance out body, soul and mind.

While yoga used to primarily be a form of religious practice, this Hindi art of motion has moved on to become a means for personal development and rediscovering the essential things in life. In more recent years, yoga established itself as a trend sport and finds new disciples all over the world each and every day.
Yoga stands out due to its countless positive characteristics, all contributing to an increased well-being.

The Positive Effects of Yoga

The interplay between tension and relaxation does not only help to improve the mental condition, but also furthers several positive effects on psyche and health of the practitioner.

The soft approach and practice of yoga exercises enhances the physical abilities and keeps developing them in a most careful fashion. A wide variety of breathing and movement exercises do not only further the practitioners’ individual mobility, but also help to strengthen their muscle systems, to release muscular tensions and to improve posture patterns.

In addition to all this, your mental state also benefits from the positive effects of yoga. Relaxing elements and specific exercises calm your mind and aim to reduce possible fears, to counteract depression and to strengthen mental approach and self-confidence.

Whatever benefits mind and body, inevitably has a positive impact on your overall health. Since all techniques of this Indian art of motion are based on the principles of stretching, relaxation and deep breathing, yoga improves blood circulation and concentration, strengthens the immune system and counteracts chronic stress.
But why restrict yourself to a closed space when nature offers so many beautiful places to roll out your mat? Come to the mountains and experience yoga in very special surroundings!

Leave the studio behind and enjoy the open nature!

Alpine yoga becomes more and more popular – and for a good reason. The untouched nature, impressive mountain ranges and wonderful Alpine air invite yoga enthusiasts to indulge in their passion without any spatial restrictions. Outdoor yoga offers the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind in peaceful ambience.

The phenomenal mountain panorama of the Tyrolean Alps provides the ideal setting for Alpine yoga. An established and vivid local scene attracts yoga aficionados with top-notch locations and events. A multitude of yoga centres offer a diverse programme and invite you to join classes and workshops or even embark on exclusive yoga hiking tours. There are also various yoga events such as the annual Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg

The Mountain Yoga Festival offers all yoga enthusiasts and nature lovers an extensive four-day programme including classes, hiking tours, presentations and workshops. The classes are held by experienced yoga instructors and experts providing fresh input and demonstrating new styles and trends. At the Arlberg, the yoga lifestyle is celebrated thoroughly and wholeheartedly!

The positive impact of yoga is far more profound than previously assumed. The entire body including physical and mental conditions benefit from the sustainable effects. Visit the Arlberg region and experience yoga in Alpine atmosphere!