Legendary Verwall

Enter the magic realm of the Verwall and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this valley, providing not only fun and action, but also repose and relaxation. Come and visit the info stations and enjoy a unique adventure in harmony with nature. The attractions of the Verwall are always worth a visit!

EldoRADo – Bike-Areal Verwall

Ultimate fun experiences on two wheels at the EldoRADo biking area, daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Ride your bike on the pump track, check out the obstacle course or try your first jumps on the Northshore Trail. Additionally, you can also race a state-of-the-art electric motocross bike by KTM on a specifically designed track. For more information regarding EldoRADo, please clicke here.

Mythological info stations

Cross the Verwall valley and visit the four mythological info stations “Der Geist des Ehemanns” (“The Husband’s Ghost”, “Der Schnanner Drajer” (“The Drajer of Schnann”), “Die Hexe von Stiegenegg” (“The Witch of Stiegenegg”) and “Der Schatz der Arlen” (“The Treasure of Arlen”). All the stations offer children to learn in a playful, interactive and all senses encompassing manner about the local myths of the region. These insights into the mythological world of the Verwall serve as a useful introduction and help you to better understand the valley.

High and low ropes courses

Test your head for heights and climb the trees of the high and low ropes courses at the Verwall. With a total of 8 stations and an average height of 7 metres, this attraction awaits you with a variety of tricky challenges! Under the supervision of their parents, children under 8 years can gain first climbing experiences at the low ropes course.

Steel rope bridge

Another attraction of the heavenly beautiful Verwall is the approx. 35 metre long steel rope bridge. At a height of 20.5 metres, it takes visitors to Lake Verwall. Additionally, this new bridge serves as a shortcut, reducing the length of the circular hiking path around the Kartellsee reservoir lake in the Moostal valley by fifty percent. The bridge is open to pedestrians and bikers pushing their bikes alike at any given time.

Lake Verwall

This lake presents itself as a true pearl of nature. Its untouched nature and clarity contribute to the little reservoir’s very relaxed atmosphere, inviting visitors to unwind and enjoy, whereas children find fun and joy at the area’s own playground. 

BBQ area

Along the Rosanna river, 3 grilling spots enable BBQ enthusiasts to engage in joyous and relaxed grilling sessions. These facilities can be used without prior notice at any given time. Just make sure to leave the area as clean and tidy as you found it at your arrival!

High and low ropes courses at the Verwall

If you are looking for a sporting activity for the whole family, then the high ropes course at the Verwall is just the right place for you! Beautifully located next to the Rosanna river, this climbing facility offers a variety of stations and rope courses. Whether it is balancing on tree trunks or riding the Flying Fox, guests can try themselves at a multitude of daring, yet highly entertaining activities. Additionally, children and beginners can gain first climbing experience at the low ropes course (average height: 2 metres).

The high and low ropes courses can be completed within an hour. No need to worry: all courses are perfectly secured and safe. Come by and let experienced guides of the company H2O lead you through the high ropes course! Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

The admission fee for adults is € 36.00 (€ 28.00 for children under 14). Please apply at the Summer Active office at the pedestrian zone of St. Anton or call us at +43 5446 3937.
Prices and other terms may be subject to change. All rights reserved.