Skyspace Lech

Opened on 17 September 2018, this special cultural highlight attracts numerous visitors to the picturesque source region of the Lech river. The internationally renowned artist James Turrell demonstrates how we perceive our world. Elegantly integrated into the landscape and high on the mountain, the Skyspace Lech creates a space of light also offering us an unobstructed view into the skies above.

During a visit in 2014, the impressive mountain landscape of the Arlberg fascinated Turrell so much that he decided to contribute one of his famed “enlightened spaces” to the region. As a walk-in art installation, Skyspace Lech offers visitors a unique visual art experience in balance with the surrounding nature.
The site “Tannegg” in Oberlech is located at 1,780 metres above sea level on the top of a hill. The Skyspace’s elliptical dome shape resembles an oversized eye. Via a 15 metre long subterranean tunnel you reach the internal space of the art installation. It awaits you with a circumferential bench inviting you to experience the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the place.

An incomparable experience of light and space!

This cultural delight is the result of the unparalleled commitment of the privately organised art initiative “Horizon Field” that enabled the realisation of this masterpiece with the help of several generous donors and sponsors. Visit the Skyspace up on the mountain and immerse yourself into a special experience created by one of the most significant contemporary light artists!

The Skyspace concept can only be experienced around sunrise or sunset and only in fair weather conditions. For all further information (such as opening hours etc.), please go to