Mountain biking

If you prefer to experience nature on two wheels, come to the Tyrolean biking area and benefit from more than 3,800 kilometres of official mountain bike routes. This area also includes the Arlberg region, of course, which makes bikers' hearts beat faster with a mountain bike trail network of approx. 200 kilometres.
Enjoy the wonderful mountain air at a healthy altitude and immerse yourself in the breathtaking mountains in the region of the Arlberg. On the basis of the well-signposted and marked routes you can see the respective difficulty levels of the tours in advance and choose the right level for you.
Recommended tours
Take a leisurely ride on the Stanzertal cycle path on an easier tour or cycle up to the Nessler Alm, which awaits you with a wonderful view of the Lechtal Alps. Take on easy climbs and a certain sporting challenge on tours of medium difficulties, such as on an alpine tour to the Putzenalm or Ganatschalm, or really work up a sweat on the signposted difficult and extreme tours. The most strenuous mountain bike tours include the Arlbergrunde with an ascent of 2,800 metres in altitude and the tour over the Muttenjoch at 2,620 metres in altitude.

The route network is not exclusively available to bikers but also invites runners, Nordic walkers and triathletes with open routes.