Nordic walking & running at the Arlberg

The positive impact of frequent exercise on body and mind is a well-known fact. However, physical workouts in high altitude prove to be even healthier and more effective than anywhere else.

The mountainous location of the Arlberg region guarantees sports enthusiasts the ideal conditions to live out their passion! In addition to the sporting activity itself, the advantages of the mountain air are known to benefit your stamina and cardiovascular system.

If you want to enjoy the positive effects of cross-country skiing also in summer, Nordic walking offers you the perfect alternative. A sport for everyone, no matter how old or experienced you are, it carefully strengthens your entire locomotor system and increases your vitality. The idea is to take long, measured strides supported by walking poles, similar to some kind of “summertime cross-country skiing” and therefore quite literally enables a “change of pace”. St. Anton am Arlberg offers you to participate in this Nordic walking trend! Book a trial lesson, enter a course programme and join us for tours throughout the gorgeous landscapes amidst the Tyrolean Alps. 

Nordic walking and running recommendations

With its wide range of Nordic walking and running trails of varying difficulty levels, the Arlberg region readily meets the demands of all sports enthusiasts.

Trails for beginners
For a start, attempt an easy tour from the village centre of Lech along the riverside promenade, 1.45 kilometres in length. Also the Zuger Schleife trail with a total length of 3.29 kilometres and its not too steep routing is well-suited for beginners.

Trails for advanced walkers
However, if you are looking for a longer, more demanding trail, the Weissbach route may offer you just the right challenge. This picturesque course throughout the beautiful scenery of the upper Lech river, 7.36 kilometres in length, takes up to three hours to complete. In contrast, the Flühen trail is a little less time-consuming and takes walkers on a fabulous round trip at the bottom of the Rüfikopf.

Trails for pros
The Weibermahd ascent, a steep mountain run that can also be attempted as a circular trail including a flatter descent, has its starting point at the Postgarage. Due to four exit points along the route, the trail can be abandoned at any time.
The Verwall awaits you with a tour, 10 kilometres in length. Starting from the building or Hotel Mooserkreuz, this route takes you along the Verwallweg, the official start of the Nordic walking and running trail, to the rest house Verwall and back to
Even 22 kilometres long is the Nordic walking and running trail in the Stanzertal valley. This course also starts from the building at 1,304 metres above sea level and proceeds along the Rosanna river, across the villages of Pettneu, Schnann and Flirsch, before finally returning to St. Anton am Arlberg.