Tiroler Adlerweg

Under the slogan “hiking on the wings of the eagle”, the Adlerweg (“eagle trail”) proceeds throughout the Tyrolean mountain landscape and offers hikers and nature lovers a unique experience in a league of its own. 

Starting in St. Johann in Tirol, this hiking trail, consisting of 23 individual sections and 280 kilometres long, runs by the Wilder Kaiser, traverses the Brandenberg Alps and the Karwendel mountain range, takes a brief detour south to the Tux Alps before it heads back into the Karwendel and finally ends up in the Lechtal Alps of St. Anton am Arlberg.

Suitable for all types of hikers

Due to its moderate ascent, the Tiroler Adlerweg is suitable for the average hiker. However, its eight additional variations located in the Lechtal Alps provide an appropriate challenge to those seeking a rather demanding high alpine alternative.

Cultural and historical backgrounds

Aside from good signposting, providing hikers with information in regard to destination, route, distance, duration and difficulty level, the main focus along the Tiroler Adlerweg is also put on cultural and historical backgrounds. Each individual section includes spectacular attractions and highlights, offering hikers a diverse, unique experience. Discover the breathtaking Tyrolean mountains, immerse yourself into their rich history and get to know the people and their traditions on an unforgettable journey throughout this Alpine region.

Determining individual passages

Instead of mastering all 23 passages in a row, adding up to approximately 300 kilometres and 22,000 metres in altitude, which is hardly manageable even for ambitious mountain hikers, you can choose several particularly appealing sections in order to enjoy a carefree and laid-back hiking tour.


For better orientation, you are advised to consult the Adlerweg map or a hiking guide, providing hikers with comprehensive information about the single sections of the trail. Another possibility is to rely on GPS data. However, it must be noted that the satellite signal can be interrupted within narrow valleys and forests. In case you are using a GPS navigation device and are met with technical failure, you should at all times be able to fall back on traditional aids to see you through the alpine terrain.
Prepare for an unforgettable journey on the spread wings of the eagle and experience the Tyrolean mountains in all of their undeniable beauty!