Senn's WunderWanderWeg

A special kind of circular trail, Senn’s WunderWanderWeg in St. Anton am Arlberg takes hikers from the alpine hut Sennhütte throughout a sylvan world of wonders, visiting 25 exciting outdoors stations along the way.

The stations inform you about whatever grows within a “drunk” forest or how much saliva a cow produces in one day. You receive the answers to these questions and more directly at the stations – or you conveniently load them to your smartphone via QR codes.
Along the way, you get to know the diverse world of Alpine flowers and local herbs. Marvel at the wonders on the “Minzen Allee” (mint alley) and recharge your batteries in the middle of the largest Edelweiss of the Alps, containing more than 100,000 blossoms. Take your children to the nature playground and the “Märchenwiese” (fairy tale pasture), visit the “Hexengarten” (witches garden) or follow the “Edelweiss Weg” to learn more about this beautiful flower. Reactivate your senses on a barefoot path and explore the characteristics of the forest in the “WunderWald”.

Breathe deeply and recharge your batteries

After completing your tour, the Sennhütte awaits you with regional culinary delights and provides the perfect conclusion to an exciting day. Enjoy the Senn family’s hospitality along with the gorgeous mountain panorama visible from the hut.

Senn’s WunderWanderWeg is a popular tourist attraction for the whole family and offers fun and diverse outdoor stations for young and old! This exciting trail also aims to broaden your knowledge about indigenous herbs as well as plant and animal life, helping you to experience and understand the splendour and diversity of nature in a more wholesome manner. For these reasons and more, the circular trail was awarded the Golden Innovation Prize in the categories “Ideas and Nature” and “Best Children Activities”.