Skiing area St. Anton – St. Christoph – Stuben

Ski Arlberg is the largest interconnected skiing area within the Austrian Alps and one of the five largest worldwide. With only one ski pass you can enjoy a total of 305 kilometres of spectacular slopes and 200 kilometres of untouched deep-snow hills.

Ski Arlberg has something to offer for everyone. Wheter biginner or professional! Accessible via 88 state-of-the-art ski lifts and cable cars, a wide range of excellent ski slopes guarantees winter sport enthusiasts of all ages and preferences reliable snow conditions all winter long and even throughout most of spring. Come and experience the unique spirit of the Arlberg!

Ski lifts & cable cars in the skiing area St. Anton – St. Christoph – Stuben

  1. Albonabahn I
  2. Albonabahn II
  3. Albonagratbahn
  4. Angerlift
  5. Arlenmähderbahn
  6. Fangbahn
  7. Galzigbahn
  8. Gampbergbahn
  9. Gampenbahn
  10. Kapallbahn
  11. Kindlisfeldlift
  12. Maassbahn
  13. Maienseelift I
  14. Maienseelift II
  15. Mattunbahn
  16. Muldenlift
  17. Nasserein-Kinderpark (practice lift)
  18. Nassereinbahn
  19. Nassereinlift
  20. Osthangbahn
  21. Rauzlift
  22. Rendlbahn
  23. Riffelbahn I
  24. Riffelbahn II
  25. Salzbödenlift
  26. Schindlergratbahn
  27. Schöngrabenlift
  28. St. Christophbahn
  29. Tanzbödenbahn
  30. Practice lift St. Christoph
  31. Valfagehrbahn
  32. Vallugabahn I
  33. Vallugabahn II
  34. Vallugalift
  35. Walchlift
  36. Zammermoosbahn
  37. Practice lift Gampen I
  38. Practice lift Gampen II